Laura Giannone


Field recordist // Sound Editor

BAS Sound Engineering and Acoustic Ecology, Evergreen State College, 2020




Photo credit: Laure Andrillon




Sonoran Desert Wind Part 1

Ebbtide Sound

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A mini collection of gusting winds in the famous saguaro forest of the Sonoran Desert. Some recordings are from a historic ranch site including wind through an old wooden shed and creaking windmill in the background. Some are simply wind gusting through the desert. Gila Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, and Cactus Wrens call and sing sparsely in the background of the ranch recordings. All files are loops except for the ambient recording. 24bit/48kHz sample rate, all stereo recordings. License Type: Single user, royalty-free: See Licensing Agreement for full details.

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Laura Giannone

I have been editing sound since 2013, and began recording in 2017.  My area of expertise is nature sound library production.  I am trained in acoustic data analysis, including species identification.  I also love recording music in natural spaces!



Quiet Planet   

NPR Birdnote: Sound escapes podcast

Audible Original Soundscapes

Relaxing White Noise

Acoustic Ecology

Laura Giannone


For my capstone research I traveled to Sarawak, Borneo to work with an international team surveying bird populations in peat swamp forest and acacia plantation.  I designed acoustic surveys and processed acoustic data with a semi-automated workflow.  Read more about Bornean Bird Conservation

I am a field technician and data analyst for Quiet Parks International.

As an undergraduate I assisted Research Scientist Lauren Kuehne  with acoustic device testing (see photo on left), data analysis, and community outreach.  I am passionate about documenting the unique soundscape of the Olympic Peninsula, WA, especially as the acoustic ecology changes with further encroachment.  

Lauren's recent publication about an increase in air traffic over the Olympic Peninsula


Acoustic Ecology Consulting 

I am available as a consultant for your acoustic ecology projects, including survey design, field implementation, acoustic data processing, and recording.  I have experience surveying with autonomous recorders in a variety of locations with challenging field conditions.  Email me if you are interested in my consulting services.